Change Your Look Not Your Face

Which area do you see the first signs of aging on your face?

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5 Easy Ways To Reverse The Signs of Aging Around The Eyes & Face

The eyes are the window to the soul, it can tell you what a person thinks and feels, they can also be a telltale sign of aging. A youthful gaze is like looking at a Yogi:  they look rested, balanced and stress free.  Get ready to look refreshed and reverse the signs of aging starting with the eyes first.  Our goal is to preserve the delicate skin around your eyes and face for years to come.  First we look at the current state of your skin and listen to your goals to accomplish the improvement you want.  The 5 best ways to reverse the aging of skin around the eyes is:

1  SKINCARE (Hydrate, Retinol, Antioxidants, Alphahydroxy Acids, Vitamin C )

2  MUSCLE RELAXERS (Botox, Xeomin)

3  SKIN RESURFACING/ REJUVENATION (Fractora, Micro – Needling, PRP)

4  DERMAL FILLERS (Volbella, Belotero) 

5  SKIN TIGHTENING ( Titan, BL SkinTite)   

Regardless  of age or where where you fall in the anti-aging spectrum skincare is crucial to hydrate and protect your skin with the right products. At Beauty Lounge Med Spa we even look at whats important to make your skin beautiful from the inside to the outside.  Our array of products is extensive regardless of where you fall in the ant-aging spectrum.

Prevention is key in the war against wrinkles and lines – the best wrinkle is the one you never get.  It’s important to slow the signs of aging before you have to fix them.  Neuromodulators muscle relaxers is like a miracle in a bottle and the ultimate wrinkle eraser.  Botox and Xeomin are used to treat fine lines and wrinkles by temporarily preventing movement of the underlying muscle muscles, If you want to banish crows feet lift a droopy eyebrow or heavy lidding and just look like you finally got a good nights rest this is the treatment for you. 

The texture of your skin is important because it loses collagen. Skin resurfacing creates new collagen and diminishes crepey, thin, wrinkly skin.  Fractora can lift a droopy eyebrow. Create an eye opening effect with by and fix asymmetries such as a lazy eye or heavy eyelid  upper-eye hooding.  Few treatment can address this fragile area with such success.  Fractora is a true age rewinder not only for the eyes but for the face. Fractora creates a smoother firmer jawline soften lines on the face while tightening the skin neck, chest and hands. 

Healthy healing is the new wave of skin rejuvenation, anytime the skin is injured or wounded it goes into repair mode and ramps of the production of collagen.  Micro-needling and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) creates healing effect that erases signs of aging. Over time the skin will become thicker and have a smoother appearance.

Deep hollows under the eyes can make you look tired and dull.  When it comes to filling under the eyes, the best candidate for injections is someone who’s under eye darkness its the result of “hills and valleys”  The “valleys” are hollow sunken spots when beside a normal plump area think of this as a “hill”  creates a shadowing effect and the perception of dark circles that make you look haggard.  If you are looking for the ultimate concealer  this is the real deal.

One of Hollywood’s best kept secrets is lasers –  Skin Tightening is a Hollywood must for any actor or actress over the age of twenty. The Titan Laser and BL Facetite non- surgical facelift allows you to change your look. Skin can be tightened by heating collagen fibers deep in the dermis of the skin.  One of our favorite uses of the Titan Laser is for the lazy eye.  By concentrating the laser treatment to lift the brow from the forehead, you can actually create symmetry between the brows. For the face it allows us to add symmetry between the two sides of your face.  Looking for the real deal but not ready for a facelift BL FaceTite is a non- surgical facelift  



There will comes a time when you need to step up up your beauty game.  For the young skincare is the solution.  Skincare is one of the most important components of natural beauty, no matter what your age is.  Great skin is not simply a matter of DNA- your daily habits, have a big impact on what you see in the mirror.  Everyday it feels like there’s a new ingredient, technique, or product.  At Beauty Lounge Med Spa we access your skin needs before making recommendations for any treatments or products.  Here’s are some words to start to become familiar with: Hydrate, Retinol, Antioxidants, Vitamin C Alphahydroxy Acids


    • Hydrate the most important function of a moisturizer.  Essentially moisturizer is preventing water loss through the outer layers of the skin. Even people with oily skin should moisturize.  Just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about dehydration.
    • Sunscreen – Just 11 minutes in the sun can do more damage than your body can repair in one day. 
    • Retinol want to look younger make sure you use a form of this ingredient . Retinol has been proven to speed up cell turnover to get rid of existing skin damage.   It also prevents collagen breakdown and get into the pores and unclog them which helps with acne.
    • Antioxidants,Vitamin C & Alphahydroxy Acids are the damage defenders and the first line of defense against the sun.  As soon as the sun hits your skin antioxiadants can rid radicals before they penetrate the skin.


BL DERMALINFUSION is a spa favorite this 3 in 1 non-invasive treatment exfoliates, extracts and infuses skin with serums for the best facial you have ever had.  Results are Immediate.

Laser Collage Rejuvenation (LCR) we call this the Red Carpet Facial because you will leave without the skin glowing and dewey.  Perfect for acne, fine lines


Most people will make a judgement about how old someone is based on their face in the first 5 seconds of meeting you.

  • After looking into your eyes, scanning your lips for fullness, color and lines they will look at the shape of your face before they see wrinkles.  The inverted triangle of youth is a real thing. Typical youthful features on the face are: 
  • Full Lips
  • High Cheekbones
  • Full Cheeks
  • Defined Jawline
  • Skin Texture, Wrinkles, Lines

When we were young our facial features are defined and well contoured. With age, The triangle of youth becomes inverted. Over the years facial bone changes, and fat -pad aging beneath the skin causes: hollows under the eye, due to gravity cheeks and become less full and wrinkles and lines start to form around the nose and mouth, the jawline stars to sag and fullness creeps under the chin.  Most people aren’t born with a double chin, Thankfully the Injectable Kybella takes care of that in a few visits.